Fixation X-Centering

The feature of the X-Centering developed by Bimu lies in the insert fixing system. Arount the fixing screw is a cross in the shape of an X, which is positive in the insert and negative in the tool-holder, thereby making it possible to obtain auto-centering aroud the fixing screw.


The X-Centering technology is available for the following insert lines:

  • 400line

  • 800line

  • 800line+

  • OXOline



  • Positioning in all axes.
  • Repetitiveness of the cutting edge ± 0,01 mm.

    X-Centering répétitivité

  • Insert turning without having to remove the screw (for 400line, 800line and 800line+).
  • The screw is free of all radial stress.