Support documents for tool adjustment and machining

Standard cut off / Opposite cut off

Explanation of the types of tool holders and inserts to be used for machining parts on guide bush side or on counterspindle side.

Standard machining data

Information table about cutting speeds dependending on the materials used.

Tool holders execution

Definition of the holder design (left, right or neutral).

Thickness of the cutting insert

Table of information about the recommended inserts widths depending on the machined material diameter.

Threading inserts 081R / 083R

Use of the threading inserts on "screw point" or "screw head" side.

Setting up of Bimu baseplates for Tornos Delta 12 / 20 and Tsugami BO

Aid for the set up of the  base plates on the machine and for the sofware configuration.

Setting of the centering drill with insert

Aid drawing for tool setting.

Setting up of axial block for the use of 3 drills on Deco 10

Aid drawing for tool setting.

Shifting of Quicklock screws

Instructions for moving or replacing Quicklock screws.

Trepan tool : machining type

Explanation of the difference between the tools "front trepan" and "back trepan".

Description of blank inserts and tool holders of the different lines

Visual presentation of blank inserts and tool holders.

Description of insert's geometries

Visual presentation of several insert geometries.


Explanation about the X-Centering tightening system.

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